Level testing

Its cold and snowy, we can’t ride much in the winter for 4-H because I personally need a break ;)

So Sunday night is our Achievement night for our county. It will be the first time I’m going, I hope it’s fun! I’ll post the time and place on FB. Monday night is our next meeting. The kids generally see this as play time. It gets a little crazy, BUT, we need to get some serious studying done! Each 4-H member needs to pass a State Level to show in any 4-H show. Not just County fair, but Districts and the Wisner Jr. Livestock show as well. Kinda important. And they have to pass with an 80% or above. Want to see if you can pass level one? We’ll see if that works. The link thingy. Click on it… Most of them have passed level one and now are on to level two. ┬áBesides the test they have to do an actual riding test on their horse, a feed chart, and a demonstration. The kids don’t like all this “work” but it’s pretty important. It’s a pet peeve when you say go get me a set of reins and they look at you like you asked for a bowling ball. The hardest thing it seems is to remember what the colors of the horses are, and we talk about this a lot! Especially Chestnut: ie Walnut, peanut, cashew.

Meanwhile in the barn… Need to check up on Jake today, we’ve been working on nursing him back to health since September. He has had a compacted cecum and an ulcer. The ulcer is better but we are still working on the cecum. Poor boy. Feeding a mixture of Strategy, oats, a high fat supplement, beet pulp and sand clear plus his regular prairie hay of course. The vet said they loose weight fast and gain it slowly. Boy was he right!!

Looks like we may be getting a new pony. Not quite sure what to do with it yet. Someone literally dropped it off at my friends house and her 4-H calves are scared to death of it. If you want it, give me a holler cause I really don’t know where to put it yet!

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